Our CRM software understands customers

Our customer relationship management software provides you with a complete picture of every one of your customer's activity with your organization.

Let's build something great together!


Our team develops customized CRM software for your company according to your requirements


We'll handle the installation and have your software up and running in no time.


We transform ineffective CRM software into efficient and highly functional infrastructures

Customers are our most valuable assets

At Ingic, we consider our customers our most valuable assets. We help our clients follow the similar ideal by providing them with extraordinary CRM software solutions.

Our clients' trust in our services comes from our extreme attention to detail and the high quality of our work. We have served our clients with CRM solutions by providing them different creative ideas for their customer acquiring and retention.

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Stay connected with your customers

Maintaining a good connection with customers is the key of healthy relationship with them. Our CRM system manages the customer data and consistently reminds your employees to connect with customers at strategic times.

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What our customers are saying about us

Mel Salazar TowDatos
Overall Rating From 57 Users
Excellent Job!

INGIC consistently provided a professional amount of organization, direction, and feedback to ensure a high level of group performance. They began with the requirement clarifications and defining measureable outcomes. All phases of the project transitioned efficiently and smoothly to produce an IPhone App that is currently in use. Highly Recommended!

10 Oct 2017

Matar Al Dosari Airank
Overall Rating From 57 Users
Excellent Job!

INGIC is amazing. I really liked their service. They helped me in every step to achieve what I wanted! Thank you for EVERYTHING you have helped me with. Amazing company and amazing team to work with. I wish you all the best.

02 Dec 2016

Dr. Edward Delshad Fluorescence
Overall Rating From 47 Users
Thanks Highly skilled!

Had an excellent experience with your company. The people at INGIC are quick, professional and proactive. I have the most positive things to say about them. I will recommend INGIC to my friends, and I will definitely go back to them for future projects.

02 Jan 2017

Dr. Yousuf Zidan Dr. App
Overall Rating From 54 Users
Strongly recommended to others!

I really liked you're Service, it's amazing. You helped me with every step to achieve what I want and I really want to thank you team INGIC for EVERY THING that you helped me with. I couldn't done anything without you! It's really Amazing Company and Amazing team. I wish you all the best!

09 Feb 2016

Alexander Baron Broadway Connected
Overall Rating From 82 Users
Quick Responsiveness and Great Processes!

Working with Ingic has been a great process thus far. Their professionalism and quick response is pertinent in producing quality work.. I had worked with previous development teams and had negative experiences. I am confident that INGIC will produce a quality final product, and look forward to working with them in the future on other projects.

28th July 2017

Orange Codera Enigma
Overall Rating From 63 Users
Highly recommended!

Very happy and satisfied with their services, quality, and professionalism. Trusting your mobile app with them is really a great value for money. They have very supportive Account and Developer teams that are very flexible and equipped with a bunch of creative ideas that will help you to improve your mobile app idea. Special thanks to Mr. Jay Graham and Mr. Gabriel Strauss for managing our mobile app project.

02 Sep 2016

Tony Balistrere Coach Left Hand Up
Overall Rating From 70 Users
Good Job Team on this project !

In terms of app development INGIC has been tremendous from start to finish. INGIC is high responsive to customer needs and timely on all deliverables. You will receive a personal project manager to guide you through the entire process. It is easy to see why INGIC is one of the top App development company, I would recommend them without reservation and with great enthusiasm to anyone considering developing an app.

26 Nov 2017

Operational CRM

Our operational CRM streamlines the processes of lead generation, sales, marketing and after-sales services.

Analytical CRM

We understand that CRM is completely dependent upon data. Because of that, our analytical CRM fetches and analyzes the data, which helps organizations to determine the better way to serve their customers.

Collaborative CRM

Collaboration between departments can be a big problem for some organizations. Our collaborative CRM builds communication between various departments and makes it easier to float customer information throughout the organization.

Strategic CRM

Our clients use strategic CRM to improve and customize the interactions with customers to maintain long-term relationships.

Scalable CRM

Choose selective CRM functions initially, and add more features later as your requirements increase.

Custom CRM

We offer customized CRM for those who believe their customer relationship management is a complex process.

What You Can Do With It


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The Ingic Difference

Our team of experienced and professional software developers design the software according to your requirements after the detailed study of your business processes.


Once designed, the code is developed and tested in repeated cycles to ensure flawless results.


We always make sure the quality of software we're delivering gives you an edge over your competitors.


Our customer's trust is always our first priority. Our coding and designs are original for our clients, and we never share or reuse them.

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