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Website Design in Abu Dhabi

So how do you design a killer website design? Is it just employing bright colors along with fancy images in order to attract the audience? Absolutely not, the art of web designing is simply much more than that. Given the changing requirements in the digital industry and the competitiveness standing at a whole new level, the demand from web industry has also become quite complex and challenging for businesses across the globe.

This is where Ingic, a leading web design company in Abu Dhabi comes into cater its client base coming from a plethora of industries. So what it takes to design a top-notch website that will reflect the true nature of your business and industry? As we have already emphasized the distinctive qualities our professional designers possess, let's see what features they tend to focus on when initiating a web design project.

1. Appearance

Any experienced web designing company in Abu Dhabi sees the website they created has an acceptable visual appeal and a professional appearance pertaining to the industry it is meant to cater. We do realize the homepage of the website is normally the first sight online customers tend to see, and designing an appropriate and attractive interface is what drives the attention to your business. As businesses worldwide are pouring more and more websites for their online presence, the challenge to attract new visitors and retain the existing ones is growing increasingly difficult for companies. Well the case with Ingic is otherwise! Being a top web designing company in Abu Dhabi, our designers know how to create the perfect blend of appropriate use of colors, legible text, meaningful graphics, top photography, and tempting simplicity to create a masterpiece in appearance.

2. Functionality

An experienced website design company in Abu Dhabi like Ingic undertakes a development project while regularly ensuring each component in the website is working correctly and fluently. It is an obvious fact that broken components will only display a poorly constructed website that further portrays a bad image of the company. From incorporating hyperlinks, contact forms, site search, event registrations, and other variety of website checklist, our developers ensure the web design is a flawlessly developed output that caters the needs and preferences of the client perfectly.

3. Usability

An especially critical, but one of the most commonly neglected aspect of a highly functional website is the extent of usability it has in store for the user. In short, the web design must be easy readable and navigable. A top web design company in Abu Dhabi like Ingic understands the importance of usability and acknowledges the following elements in their web development projects.

  • Simplicity at its best! The most potent way our designers will keep the visitors glued to your website is by inserting a valuable content and appealing design.
  • Quick-loading pages is another way to keep customers on your website especially those who are constantly moving to browse other websites as well.
  • A consistent layout throughout the website may seem an easy prospect, but it not really is. Well unless you hire leading web designing companies in Abu Dhabi like Ingic. Our developers realize that a consistent layout indicates a vigilantly done work for a well-thought website.
  • A prominent and logical navigation that will allow your customers to acquire information in the first go rather than needing to find the menu buttons.

Besides the above aspects in the usability section, our items like cross platform/browser compatibility, screen resolution, descriptive link text, and minimal scrolling are also closely seen to ensure the website's usability remains highly functional and provides a thoroughly engaging user experience.

4. Adding social media buttons

So do you run a business of providing content marketing services and want to replicate the same features in your website? Then hiring Ingic, a top web design company in Abu Dhabi is all you need to create a fantastic website incorporated with social media buttons.

Undoubtedly SEO is a great practice, but the most convenient and quick way to spread your content is including the social media sharing options. Our designers are very well-aware of the fact that the foremost thing readers do after reading their favorite content is sharing. Therefore it is our job to educate clients regarding the importance and usage of social media sharing buttons. For instance, adding social media buttons on each page is irrelevant, unless you own an out-of-the-world brand not acquired by someone else in the business. But if our clients need to create blog posts, educational videos, market research, infographics, and related content, then we see the social media buttons are appropriately added with navigation to the respective platforms just a click away.

All the above qualities are only a few among a large set that a sophisticated website design company in Abu Dhabi like Ingic has in store for its clients. Our primary focus is to create a web design that is ought to display the best brand image, features, offerings and benefits of your business for not only your intended target audience, but to a global customer base from across the globe.

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