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If you are in quest of a reputable and exceptional software company to build your software, your search ends at Ingic. We have developed numerous software for different industries using the processes and practices embraced by the best software companies in Dubai.

Whether you are a startup, a small business or a large enterprise, we understand the requirements of every business inside out to carve a specialized, customized software development service that meets your needs and financial plan. Our processes revolve around the aim of overcoming new business challenges and leveraging opportunities while creating quality software solutions for you without being heavy on your pocket. Our quality solutions are designed from the scratch so that we can make it work your way in the best possible way.

Leverage the power of our customized software development solutions that will live up to every business environment. We create the best solutions for your business with high-tech software development Dubai that accelerates growth, upsurge your revenues, and stimulate your potential customers towards desired call to action. Rest assured! We are the right choice for your next software project.

What makes us one of the best Frontline Software developing companies in Dubai is our result-driven software development solutions that help us get the best out of intriguing business challenges with an assurance of maximum success.

Our Software Development in Approach

Our Software Development practices and process guarantee excellence. We blend our sophisticated, result driven agile strategies with design thinking to make sure that satisfaction of our customer remains the heart of our services during the product development lifecycle. To us, this approach is what set us apart from our product development capabilities.

Scrum methodology is the favorite methodology for all top software development companies in Dubai, and we love it too. We mostly go for scrum methodology when it comes to software development projects, as it is an extremely iterative and incremental tactic to complex project management. It helps us get the right amalgam of visibility and control while also keeping up the flexibility in the development process.

Steps in the Scrum in Process

Scrum is an extension is agile methodology. It is known for its iteration and simplification in software development model. It is helpful in managing complex software and large product development project. The process comprises of definite-length iterations, known as sprints. Each sprint is one to two weeks long as a maximum; it allows the involved professionals to deliver software with a regular pace. After concluding a sprint, the teams along with stakeholders assemble to strategies the next steps.

Unlike other processes that have a flexible flow, scrum plan is a set of specific, fixed steps, which includes:

Step 1: Product backlog:

The client and team of project managers, architects, and developers, conduct a meet up to arrange and prioritize the items of the project. Product backlog is a list of tasks that are required to be completed on time; it helps in highlighting the essential features of the end product. The backlog is the basis of the sprints, as the development team gets the work from the product backlog in order to process it during a sprint.

Step 2: Sprint planning:

At the outset of each sprint, a sprint planning meeting is conducted between clients and the professionals handling the project. At the meeting, client highlights the most desired items on the backlog. Then, the professionals pick out the task they can complete within the sprint and shift them from the product backlog to sprint backlog— a list is comprised of the to-do tasks for that particular sprint.

Step 3: Backlog refinement (grooming):

Product backlog refinement, a.k.a. product backlog grooming is all about to keeping a check on the backlog and making it orderly. Like other steps, it is also a meeting that is carried on at the climax of the sprint in order to ensure that the backlog is all set for the next sprint. All irrelevancies are eliminated and new user stories are added to the backlog, priorities are reevaluated and lengthy tasks are streamlined into smaller ones.

Step 3: Daily Scrum meetings:

Daily scrum meetings are short-timed and aimed at keeping a review of goals, task, and issues that have occurred in the meantime. As the name intends, the daily scrum gatherings are held every day throughout the life of sprint and are effective in keeping the project on track.

Step 4: Sprint review meeting:

When a sprint is being concluded, a final meeting is conducted where all the teams involved in the project present the work that has been done for review. What makes this meeting important is that all the teams present a live demo of their work, instead of PowerPoint presentations and wordy reports.

Step 5: Sprint retrospective meeting:

The sprint retrospective meeting is facilitated by the Scrum Master in which all the teams talks about the just-concluded sprint and identify the room of improvements that can be effective in increasing the productivity of the next sprints. The sprint review involves what the teams are creating, while the retrospective part involves the understanding of how they are creating it. Sprint retrospective meeting is an essential mechanism that lets a team to constantly evolve and improve across project life.

Steps in the Quality is the priority at our software company in Dubai

Among the top software development companies in Dubai, there are only some companies that have officially certified experts and skilled developers with a sound industry knowledge and years of experience. At Ingic - a reputed software development company Dubai - we prefer quality to quantity; therefore, we always deliver the product within your budget and on schedule. Our developers provide top-grade, well-architected software that guarantees a powerful foundation for further maintenance, an aesthetically pleasing user interface, and zero performance glitches.

As one of the most white-collared software companies in Dubai, we make sure that whatever we do engrain efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability. That is the reason why we fabricate a personalized solution as per the project needs of every client. With us, you can sure your project will be a huge success or at least will live up to your expectations.

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