Samsung has launched the New SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi System

August 15, 2018

Tech giant Samsung has announced one more innovative system; Mesh Wi-Fi. The system is equipped with artificial intelligence based Wi-Fi technology from Plume and a SmartThings Hub. The system is smartly optimized to add value of a complete smart home control.

Wi-Fi is a basic need of customers all over the world and the usage is not limited to home or office based usage. We live in an era of the smart home where all the devices are interconnected and all these devices need a secure and fast Wi-Fi connection. The SmartThings Wi-Fi delivers stability, is secure and fast according to the current needs of the consumers.

Salient Features

Mesh Wi-Fi is a product of a partnership between Samsung and Plume to integrate the system into SmartThings Wi-Fi. Samsung has always been a premier in developing high-tech devices and Plume platform adapts to internet usage inside the home. It provides maximum Wi-Fi capacity all over the home stabilizing the connection for every device increasing the speed and continuous browsing capacity. The technology is able to optimize the Wi-Fi network across the home across multiple devices so all the members of the family working separately can experience uninterrupted streaming. The Wi-Fi is intelligent enough to provide the required speed where needed not the other way round.

Parental control can also be set to limit screen time and prevent viewing of inappropriate content with the Plume HomePass feature.

Brain of a Smart Home

Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem provides convenience to automate and manage all the devices across the home with a single app. the system is compatible with numerous third-party devices and enables the users to manage their smart home gadgets such as door locks, cameras, voice assistants, lights, thermostats and many more. It provides a robust solution for a comprehensive automation of the entire home.

The Mesh routers are quite easy to set up and manage through a cross-platform SmartThings app. the router has a range of 1,500 square feet with 3 pack covering 4,500 square feet. The ease of corner to corner coverage allows the users to choose the right Wi-Fi configuration according to their needs whether a multiple level apartment or a single floor.


Samsung has always strived to provide its customers with devices that assist them to adopt a connected lifestyle. With their system, SmartThings Wi-Fi is another intelligent solution from the company to bridge the gap between all the home devices and interconnect them with Mesh capability to prevent coverage gaps.


Rachel Fanabae

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