Boost the SEO with different social media channels

September 3, 2018

The debate whether social media channels actually enhance the SEO for your website or not has been going on for long in connection to how Google places a website higher. However, social media has some benefits if those channels are utilized specifically to get more reach, brand awareness, customer engagement and increased traffic to your website.

These practices have proved to be beneficial for any website to rank higher on the search engines.

Generating referral traffic

Posting regular and quality content on your social media channels will generate referral traffic to your website. By adding CTAs with the posts you can easily direct your clients or prospects to visit to complete their desired action.

Enhanced online visibility

As the social media channels have a huge number of followers by creating your profile on them and being can enhance your online visibility. Your social media profiles will also appear while searches that automatically increases your online presence. As the digital marketing are being more innovative the owners of various social media houses have also introduced a number of tools that will assist you in increasing the presences and creating your brand awareness.

Add backlinks

Social media channels can be quite helpful in getting more traffic with the help of backlinks. While posting content on your profile, you can add backlinks. Backlinks in a content increase a website’s credibility in Google.

Customer loyalty

Social media platforms provide the customers with a direct access to your brand. When you are active on the platform and regularly answer their queries and comments, it increases a customer’s trust in your brand. A customer loves to be heard and feels important. Responding to those increases a customer’s trust level resulting in their loyalty to your brand.

Lead generation

All the posts, blogs, infographics, videos, hence any kind of content posted can interest a potential client, making them visit your website and generating a lead. It is important that the posts and content shared should be targeted and interesting enough to capture the attention of a prospect.

Customer insights

As mentioned earlier, social media is a great platform to get in direct contact with your customers, you can monitor their replies and insights, which will help you to create more engaging content according to your clients’ needs and preferences. There are many tools available that can help you to monitor the customer insights. Additionally, many social media platforms that offer business profiles such as Facebook, they have a built-in tool for your convenience.


Over the years social media has proved to be a lot more than just a socializing platform. With the correct digital marketing strategies and engaging content, these platforms can be utilized to increase traffic to your website and enhance your brand awareness to your targeted customers. Various techniques, like regular postings, adding backlinks, and building an effective relationship with your customers can help you in lead generation and higher ranks on search engines.



Tim Simon

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