BMW is all set to introduce its AI assistant

September 11, 2018

BMW has introduced its AI assistant at Disrupt 2018. The AI assistant will be available in the autonomous and semi-autonomous cars next year. The auto manufacturing giant has also announced the integration with Amazon’s Alexa. However, the BMW’s assistant is totally about your car but the Amazon and Microsoft collaboration will enable the assistant to perform the functions that are not auto related.


BMW’s exclusive assistant can be awakened with the phrase “Hey BMW” to perform multiple tasks. It can answer random questions as well as questions related to the current situation of your car and its performance. You can also ask if there is any aspect to be taken care of urgently to avoid damage. For instance, you can ask about the oil levels and warning messages if any.

It can also alter the lighting, temperature and music according to your mood. The built-in AI system will also be able to take the required action if its facial recognition detects the driver is tired.

Powered to speak 23 languages, the assistant will be launched in May 2019 in Brazil, Japan, US and some prominent European countries such as Italy, Spain, UK, France and Germany. The assistant will be installed in the new models with the BMW Operating System 7.0.

Another prominent feature that the assistants have is that you will be able to name the assistant upon your choice which lacks in other AI assistants.

Microsoft Office Integration

As the assistant will also be supported by Microsoft Office, it will also enable the drivers to have Skype calls while driving. They can also ask the assistant to read the recent emails to them.

Alexa integration

The Amazon Alexa’s integration will enable the BMW assistant to have the AI support allowing the assistant to act according to the facial expressions of the driver. The assistant will take the car if you are feeling tired or instruct it to do so.

Get to know your car better

The assistant is all equipped to provide knowledge about your car. In addition, to control the functions, the assistant will also provide sufficient knowledge about various parts of the car. The knowledge about various parts and functions of the care is becoming difficult with the innovation of technology and smart assistants could be of great help in this regard.


BMW’s smart assistant will be available in all the new models but if you order a BMW3 Series in November you will be able to enjoy the services of the assistant right away and will continue for the first three years. However, for the new X5, Z4 and 8 Series models the support of the BMW assistant will be available after the software upgrade due in March 2019.


Tim Simon

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