March 19, 2019

Augmented Reality still looks like a fascinating but far from reality concept to some businesses. Although, we are not conscious about it but augmented reality is present everywhere right now. It came into notice in 2016, with the launch of the most famous game “PokémonGO” and the world gone crazy about that game. This game was totally based on augmented reality with capturing your surroundings and catching the elusive Pokemon.

Augmented Reality is changing different industries and the way they conduct their business. But for this change, businesses need to interact with this futuristic technology and imply most of it to their business. In the world today, where online shopping is accessible and affordable, 77 percent of the people still abandon their cart. It shows that whether these are online shops or brick and mortar shops , they need to put an extra factor to amaze their customers.

This wow factor can only happen by using Augmented Reality. With AR you can make your customers’ shopping experience pleasurable, with visualizing the products on their surroundings. For example, you can have your furniture placed in your living room to see how it will look without going to the store, or you can try out any jewelry or clothes on you before purchasing. This can push your sales and can help customers to make the right purchase decision.

Websites can also provide an immersive experience to their customers through augmented reality. Using AR, you can give your users a 3D tour of your website, which will give a meaningful information about you to your customers and will decrease your customer bounce rate. It will also help you in creating a buzz of your name in the market and more brand recognition.

Big companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are using AR for digital marketing purpose. It is a medium that can help in engagement between a user and the company. These companies are trying to launch marketing campaigns using AR. Since, it is a new technology it has a room for high creativity while designing marketing campaigns. Through this technology, the mobile marketing will gain more hype, as your mobile camera plays a major part in implementing this technology.

AR had brought excellent opportunities to the businesses to grow and interact with their customers in a different approach. It is a win-win technology for the sellers and buyers. What you all need to do is just expand your ways to explore this technology and train your employees to enjoy a measurable change.


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