Amazon’s Web Service has launched RoboMaker, to assist the development and deployment of robotics applications

November 29, 2018

Artificial Intelligence has seen a massive rise in its popularity and implementation pursuing all the tech giants to invest and innovate various devices and services inculcating the technology. We are witnessing numerous companies all over the globe that have brought automation home through software. It is beyond any doubt that AI is taking over every industry and real-time application of robotics is on an upsurge. We are experiencing the automated services via delivery services, chatbots, home assistants, drones etc.

Keeping into consideration the rise of AI, Amazon-owned cloud computing business, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a service named RoboMaker that will assist the developers to build, test and deploy robotics applications via cloud computing.

A platform to reduce the development time

RoboMaker is a robust platform that will considerably decrease the development time of the robotics. It is providing the developers to develop the code in the cloud, examine it in an open source robotics stimulator called Gazebo. The updates can be deployed directly to the robots.

The system literally allows the developers to create virtual worlds so that before deploying the codes they can test their robots. Previously the developers had to waste a lot of time to set up the basics and developing the software for various stages. The practice of mimicking other’s work was common and minimized the innovative approach.

The core purpose of RoboMaker is to provide a centralized development environment in the cloud and admittance to impeccable machine learning services. It will range from facial ID to chatbot interface and voice tools.

Moreover, the system is integrated with SageMaker, a platform by Amazon introduced last year to build customized machine learning systems. It also provides functionality to assist developers throughout their project, simplifying the entire process to create robots.

Final words

Amazon is one of the first companies to deploy robotics in its factories and warehouses and is apparently planning to take over the retail market for robotics. The development of RoboMaker is an initial step to assist the developers to develop test and deploy their creations before launching them. The software allows developers to check their codes in various real-time surroundings that not only saves their time but cut down on the developing cost as well.

The company has announced that the system is available in the regions of Virginia, Oregon and Ireland for cloud customers and will be available shortly in other regions too.


Rachel Fanabae

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