Amazon makes its Alexa-powered storytelling app for kids FREE

August 4, 2018

Amazon has just made its children’s storytelling app free of cost which. The app previously came for $2.99. Most of the stories are now available on Alexa’s storytelling mode as well. The app has been quite popular among children since its release, five and a half years ago. The app specifically designed for children aged 5 till 12 and the concept is, of chat style storytelling.

Amazon Rapids

Turning screen time into story time, released in 2013, Rapids has been quite popular among children aged 5 to 12. The app has hundreds of exclusive titles and original voice acted stories. It has a read-along option too that enables the children to improve their reading abilities. Keep a track of reading stories, word count and genre. A story summary can be used to start a conversation.

With a built-in glossary, the children can find the definition of a word and pronunciation to improve the reading skills and become an avid reader. Every word is emphasised as it is spoken, that keeps the children engaged and aid their brains to make connections with the word and its pronunciation while reading.   The children either tap on a character (in read-along mode) or scroll (in scroll mode) to move the story along.

Alexa’s Story Telling Mode

Alexa’s storytelling mode is an effective tool for parents who want to put their children to sleep fast. The stories are usually up to 10 to 15 minutes with sound effects and interactive characters and a lot more. One feature also offers various quests and activities to engage the children along with only storytelling mode that is specially designed for bedtime.


Amazon has been catering to children’s entertainment for quite some time with various kids’ friendly apps. The FreeTime service has provided children plenty of age-friendly content, from books to websites and videos. Now, by making the Rapids app free, and merging it with Alexa, Amazon has expanded its reach and has provided unlimited access to its young customers.



Tim Simon

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