AI system can identify a person by their footprints

September 27, 2018

A person’s identification is traditionally done through fingerprints or eye scan. However, researchers have now developed a system that will assist identifying a person’s footprint with the help of artificial intelligence. The system has been created by the researchers from the University of Manchester, in collaboration with the University of Madrid.

How does the system work?

For the identification process, the system requires an individual to walk across a pressure pad. The system accurately identified a person with just 0.7 error rate. A person has at least 24 unique postures and movements while walking that defines anyone’s walking style and pattern. The system identifies those with the help of the artificial intelligence. The researchers identified that the walk of an individual is also a specific trait just like a fingerprint or retinal scan. It can verify any person by scrutinising 3D footsteps and time-based data.

The uses

The system can be extremely beneficial for the security systems at airport terminals, offices or security checkpoints. As the researchers developed the fact that every individual has s unique walk, the system can be used similarly as a fingerprint scan or retina scan.

The AI system was created after the team collected the largest data based on the footsteps of 127 individuals comprising of approximately 20,000 footsteps. This is the largest footsteps data collected in the history. The team utilized floor specific sensors and high- resolution cameras. This dataset is named as SfootBD and developed advanced computational models for the biometric recognition of the footprints that were presented in TPAMI. This was a challenging task, as differentiating the subtle movements of every individual was quite difficult and had to be accurate for the best results. A new AI system has been established to overcome the challenge.

The most outstanding benefit of this artificially intelligent footprint scanning system is that it will reduce the time spent on recognition and verification of an individual at the airports or various security checkpoints. The passengers or the visitors do not need to remove their shoes while walking on the recognition pads as it does perform the identification process by the shape or size of the foot but with the pressure exerted on the recognition pads and the specified movements made by every individual while walking.

The system can also benefit the health care system to recognize neuro-degeneration via smart steps.



Tim Simon

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