AI boosts Olay’s conversion rates

July 21, 2018

Olay, one of the top cosmetic brands used AI to make recommendations to its clients about their skin two years ago. The latest news about the company is that after introducing AI, the company’s conversion rates have almost doubled. Many cosmetic companies have adopted the latest technology such as AR and AI and have got astounding turnovers. The technology has increased their customer engagement, eventually, increase the overall sales ratio.

After the successful endeavours of these companies, many companies are turning to AI one way or the other to boost the engagement level of the customers.

In 2016, Olay pushed the boundaries of its marketing strategy and induced AI to introduce a system that served as a catalyst to boost their annual sales, which have now reached to the highest level. Olay is a well-known brand and is quite popular with women for their specialized products that cater to every age group of women.

Olay introduced an AI-powered tool that analyzes your skin’s age and the problems it is facing such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, open pores etc. and advise you the daily regime to follow using Olay’s products to treat the issues. At the end of the analysis, the tool will recommend you the products to use from Olay, which is increasing their sales for obvious reasons.

The best part is that the predicted age is quite accurate if the selfie is taken with the instructed guidelines. Incorporated by an AI-powered matching engine developed by Nara Logics, the technology selects which of the Olay’s products should be used for various issues.

The tool, Skin Advisor analyses tens of thousands of people every week and make recommendations still, 94% of users receive a unique set of recommended products, which means that no one has received them before.

While analysing men’s skin the toll requires them to be clean shaved and in proper lighting for accurate results as AI could not make an accurate guess of the age of men with facial hair.


AI has taken over many industries and those who induced it at an earlier stage can now see the results. One such company is Olay that introduced a tool two years ago for the skin analysis and treatment recommendations that have now increased the company’s conversions to almost double. Following the footsteps, many cosmetics companies are now turning to AI for the creation of similar of various other tools.


Tim Simon

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