November 6, 2018

It seems that Facebook is not getting out of troubled situations anywhere soon, as another scandal has been reported about the data breach. The latest news is that hackers have hacked Facebook profile data including private messages. The data is said to be of around 120 million people. The news caught attention when the data was offered for sale on the dark web.

This attempt has raised serious questions about the personal data present on the social media platform and to what extent it can be compromised. Facebook has already lost its millions of users after Cambridge Analytica and code vulnerability Scandal, which is now feared to increase after this recent incident.

The report was broken by BBC who assigned research analysts who contacted the people on the list and the information told to them turned out to be true.

Facebook’s stance

Facebook has reportedly denied the allegations of security breach keeping the narrative that the hackers might have acquired the data from third-party malicious browser extensions. The social media giant has stated that it has removed the extensions through which the breach was suspected. However, the incident has added to the already building negative impact of the social media platform on its users.

After the Cambridge Analytica and code vulnerability scandal the company is struggling to regain the confidence of the users. This is not the first time that hackers were able to access the data, they have been previously able to potentially log in to various accounts and steal the data, also.

Facebook is the largest company in the history to hold personal data and information which makes it more vulnerable to data theft attempts. However, this fact cannot be an excuse for frequent breaches. Being the largest data holder the responsibility lies on the company to protect it which it has apparently failed to do so.

It is obvious that the company would not need any external influence to secure the personal information of its users. After the launch of Facebook Business, Stories and many other platforms, apps and add-ons the social media giant has become an integral part of its user’s lives and these constant scandals will not only cost the platform its clients but will be damaging for many who use the platform as their digital marketing harem.

Final words

Although this breach is not Facebook’s faults, however,  it has definitely damaged the reliability and they need to take some serious measures to avoid such incidents in future.


Tim Simon

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